This is my first post attempting to chronicle my quest to listen to more Metal.

I intend to post frequently, basically when I hear a killer song or find a new insane Metal band. I don't intend to review the songs/bands. For reviews, and metal discussion, I recommend

The Plan:

List song, album and band members, and a link to the band's website or YouTube of the song.


Anaal Nathrakh: "Screaming of the Unborn"

Snarl and Tribal Chanting

  • Song: "Screaming of the Unborn"
  • Band: Anaal Nathrakh
  • Album: (Hell is Empty and All the Devils Are Here)

The chorus in this song is great, it sounds like the "Ooga Ooga Ooga" chant.

Guitar Slaying

Tie this week between Solstice and Anata. Solstice has great solos, and Anata has some great, insane guitar riffs

  • Song: Shackled to Guilt
  • Artist: Anata
  • Album: Under a Stone With No Inscription
  • Song: Cleansed of Impurity
  • Artist: Solstice
  • Album: Pray for the Sentencing

Best Growling and Snarling

  • Artist: Slugathor
  • Song: "Fabric of the Multiverse"
  • Album Unleashing the Slugathron

I like the play on the word "Slugathor", and I also like Slugathor's willingness to have riff-laden songs, along with snarls, growls and guitar solos.

Insane / Mad-wack Drums

  • Artist: Deeds of Flesh
  • Song: Reduced to Ashes
  • Album: Reduced to Ashes

That's all for the start. Look for more Metal notes soon